I'm taking a vacation from the internet - world wide web-o-sphere and blogging. How rustic eh?

It's time to recharge and this means I'm going to unplug.

Life is more than blog posts, .coms and constant updates and time wasting internet games and quizzes.

I'll be back one day, just not in the near future.

Julie and Julia

It was great. I saw it with my mom on Saturday afternoon. We had to pry ourselves away from the Ted Kennedy televised funeral and go to the local cinema. We made it just in time and it was a delightful movie.

I was probably the younster in the audience as the majority seemed to be 40 somethings and up - sisters and mother/daughter combos. But that's ok - I'd do anything for Meryl.

I liked the Julia side of the movie better but related more with the Julia side. Cubical commeraderie if you will.

My mom read the book and said the movie was way better - she didn't really like the book so I'll try reading it someday once I get through the stack of gotta read it first.

There are some other movies coming out that I'm excited about -

I want to rent The Time Travellers Wife.

I want to see Meryl next movie this year - geared for the mature audience "Complicated" i think that's title - or maybe it's "It's Complicated"

500 days of Summer

anyways if you don't make to see Julie and Julia - netflix it when it comes out - or tell your mom to netflix it.

So I'm in a book club - I don't really like the books in book club .

SO I read other books first and then at the last minute try to read the book assigned for book club - we've only had one meeting so not sure if book club will fail as there is only 4 of us and we all have different tastes in books .

Books to Read:

I finally finished my bathroom reader: Hypocrite in a Pouffy White Dress . It was good. Funny, relateable, honest, outlandish, optimistic, pesimistic real -- it's another one of those essay/humor/memoir books that I so happen to adore. I found it on clearance at a B&N so I'm sure other copies in other stores are lurking there as well - it was well worth the $4.95. I hope the writer continues to write more and I will then continue to read more - even if it's not on the bargain table.

Nothing really new to report- I'm sick of the heat but glad it hasn't been this way the whole summer.

I have nothingreally blog worthy or entertaining at the moment to discuss but alas a lame post to say that I am lame.

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